Over and Under

Beside the river
The night heron roams
Free from the cage of earth.
I’m trapped between invisible walls
A prisoner since birth.
Those moments gone….days yet to come
Weigh heavy on my mind.
I long to be the heron
Free to leave the world behind.

The watery banks are haunted by
The ghosts of the distant past.
Their spirits burn as ancient suns;
Shadows cast on glass.
And Somewhere in the fog of night
Church bells bid farewell to twilight.
They Sing to the pulse of the melting snow,
Moments come
Moments go
Drip….drip …
Young are old
And now is now long ago.

I wade into the current
My body a fallen branch.
Steadfast, the prisoner revolts
And from this stance I seize my chance.
I flee the cage
Of future….past
I feel its strength
The current’s grasp.

At last, half submerged, I sway
The current gives
Then snatches away
Moving freely
Without walls
Toward the falls.

Amidst the mists
Far from shore
The heron spreads its wings and soars.
Vanish upward!
It’s silhouette shrinks
Formless… shapeless
Water and ink.

This is my signal
I follow its lead
I stretch forth my arms
And lift up my feet
Allowing the current to carry me on
Leading me forward to the world beyond.

Thrashed by the rapids
Crashes like thunder
Slave to the current that carries me under.
Deep beneath these waves the days and nights are distant rays of light
At last, alas, I’ve taken flight
Free of time
Free of life.

~ by antiwar12 on December 28, 2016.

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